New Mobile Blockchain
platform created by ELYNET
Decentralized, Competitive, Anywhere !


ELYNET is the world's first global telecom company.


Vision of ELYNET

Information sovereignty

· Freedom of customers’ choice
of services
· Equality among users and regions for wireless service
· Universal and easy connectivity

Fair trading / cooperative consumption

· Lowest price for mobile service
· Sharing of trading information
· Income allocation to participants

Data ownership

· Personal data protection
· Participation in policy-making
· Transparent data sharing

Shared economy

· Resale of surplus mobile data and media contents
· Donation


Consumer Oriented Mobile Networks – ELYNET

Key features of blockchain to create new decentralized telecom services.

Efficiency & Reasonable Price

· Instant P2P connection
· Distributed authentication
· User’s freedom of network choice
· Maximized network efficiency
· Lowest possible price


· Advanced consensus algorithm
· Fast, highly scalable
· Small subnetworks linked together to build up large-scale network
· Regional/national/global network services through large networks connected by numerous sub-networks

Reliability & Transparency

· Encrypted and distributed data storage
· Distributed authentication process
· Protection of users’ private data
· No compromise on call quality
· Public release of network operating information


Configuration of ELYNET

Functional decentralization of network operators’ centralized infrastructures simplifies all processes.
No dependency on mobile carrier’s central server Segmented cell operators providing network infrastructure service
Network providers sharing entire customer pool No entry barrier for small-sized or subnetwork operators



Blockchain-based mobile OS, CRUDE works as a personal Identification card managing personal information and assets has been traditionally implemented as an interpreted language, but more recent browsers perform just-in-time compilation.

· Personal Identification card for ELYNET
· Rights and ownership of personal/credit/purchase/activities information
· Asset management via mobile

Full blockchain


Sign on

Asset management
and distributed
data storage


Our Team

ELYNET team’s core competence lies in the members’ substantive knowledge and hands-on experiences in wireless system implementation.
By leveraging the complete comprehension of blockchain technologies, the team is, furthermore, capable of building blockchain-driven mobile telecom ecosystem. The team is planning to apply for patents for their core technologies.
Se Yong Ro,
CEO & Founder

Ro has worked at a telecom.
company and service division
leader for 20+ yrs

Kevin Q Won,
CVice President & Founder

Won has worked at serial
entrepreneur and seasoned business pioneer with 20+ years in finance and telecom. industries.

Hee Seung Lee,
COO, Executive Director & Founder

Lee has worked at a telecom.
company for 10+ yrs & co-founded
Internet & Mobile startups
dealfish tube-snout.

Cha Ryong Koo,
CMO, Executive Director

Koo has worked in IT & telecom.
industry for 20+ yrs & founded
Internet & Mobile startups



GyuSeok OH
Former President Corp.
Management of
Daelim Industrial
Matthew Willsher
Former CMO
at Telstra Mobile &
CEO at Etisalat Nigeria
ChangGon KIM
Chair Prof.
at Hanyang University
Hideyoshi Tominaga
Former Prof.
at Waseda University
ByungCheon Lee
at Joongbu University
Beomjoo Chun
at Global Cyber University

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